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Lesson FAQs
Lesson FAQs
How Much Are Lessons?
Lessons rates are $30.00 for a half hour lesson and $60.00 for an hour lesson.
Where Is Your Studio?
Celene's studio is located in the neighborhood of Deer Run, South East Calgary, Alberta.
What Ages Do You Teach?
Students aged 9 and up. If you believe your child is the exception to the rule of attention spans, Contact Celene to set up an audition.
How Frequently Should I Take Lessons?
You may book lessons as frequently as you would like. Regular lessons, either weekly or bi-weekly, are most conducive to helping a student through the process of learning. Lessons teach a student how to practice properly and help identify roadblocks in learning, help to quickly identify and correct technique issues, as well as providing exercizes to strengthen a student's weaknesses and bolster strengths. The more regular you are with your practice and lesson schedule, the more improvement you will see in your playing.
Why Do You Book Blocks of Lessons?
Blocks of lessons are booked to accommodate many scheduling challenges that arise from month to month, like extra-curricular sporting events, vacations, long weekends, or to accommodate my performance schedule.  Blocks are ideal for the busy adult who wants to brush up every now and then without the financial and/or time commitment of weekly lessons. Block lessons ensure that booked times are honoured, reducing cancellations and allowing students on the waiting list a chance to be scheduled in.
How Long Do I Have to Redeem my Purchased Block?
Every effort will be made to ensure your lessons have been scheduled at the time of your block purchase and that your purchase will be honoured. If you are on a flex-time lesson schedule, it is recommended you use your blocks within the season it is purchased. A full season runs from September to August of each given year.  Sessions may also be broken down into Fall (September to December), Winter (January to March), Spring (April to June) and Summer (June to August). 
Do You Schedule Weekly Lessons?
Yes. Weekly or Bi-Weekly lessons may be scheduled with post dated cheques, pre-paid in cash, or with a PayPal payment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to reserve your desired time and day.
Do You Teach On Weekends?
Due to my busy performance schedule, Saturdays are only available by appointment.
How Much is a Block?
You may purchase as many or as few lessons as you would like. With the exception of your first lesson, lessons are scheduled upon payment, not before.  You may purchase your next lesson at the end of each lesson, or pay for a block of lessons. If not, no further lessons will be scheduled.
What Methods of Payment May I Use?
You may pay by cheque, cash, or E-mail transfer or Interac money transfer.

Do I Need To Stay With My Child During Lessons?

No. You are welcome to sit in during your child's lessons, however private lessons work best when parents are out of sight. Being watched creates pressure on the child to perform or behave in a certain way, which can be a roadblock to learning. There is a waiting room across the hall from the lesson studio, and if you wish to keep your child within earshot, the doors can be left open for you.

Do I Need an Instrument?
You will definitely need to practice between lessons!! If you are not sure whether you are better suited for an acoustic or an electronic drum set, or whether or not you want to rent or purchase, CLICK HERE to read my article about your drum set options.  If you are a percussion student and want to improve your mallet playing, check into rentals for a percussion kit which will include a drum pad and set of practice bells. If you are a more serious student, contact a local music store about your rental options.
When Will I See improvement?
Music is a studied art. It is a work in progress that is dependent on many factors including skill level, natural talent, commitment to good practice habits, and having clear goals. It takes a lot of work, patience, and dedication to get good at any skill. The learning curve is much steeper at the beginnning, but with time and dedication to improvement, every student will see their efforts translating proportionately into new skills. I suggest keeping a practice journal to track what you are working on and how long you are working on each skill. This will help you to track improvement, and gives evidence of what skills you have acquired. Practicing is like filling a piggy bank with skills. You can't take out of the piggy bank anything you have not put into it!
What do Others Say about Celene?
Read some testimonials by clicking here.
How do I register?
Registration is easy!  You can email your registration form by downloading the word formatted document and returning to me via email.  Download the e-mail registration form in .doc format by Clicking Here.  For .pdf format registration form, Click Here . Please save the file with your name as the file name.
Do you recommend any books?
As each student's developmental needs are unique, a multitude of books are used. Resources will be emailed as they are used in lessons, however there are many amazing books out there, and I use bits and pieces from all of them.
Drum Set Students will use pages from:
"Stick Control" - George Lawrence Stone
"Linear Drumming" - Mike Johnston -found only on Lulu Click Here for the link.
"Groove Essentials 1.0" - Tommy Igoe
"Syncopation" - Ted Reed
"Basic Drumming" - Joel Rothman
Still have questions?  Contact Celene by Clicking Here