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Gift Ideas for the Drummer

Gift Ideas for the Drummer:

Accessories, Books and More!

Choosing a good gift for the drummer in the family can be a challenge, but here are some ideas to for every price range. The links are there to enable you to see the product I'm referring to so you can find it at your local music store.


For acoustic drum sets:

Brushes - Regal Tip and Vic Firth both make decent brushes with retractable handles for around $25-$45

Blasticks - Regal tip makes these. ($25-$35) They are fantastic as a practice set of quieter sticks, an option for smaller rooms to be less boomy than drum sticks

Cowbell - if you are adding to a drum set, choose one with a clamp.  You may also want to add a mount for it for the bass drum ($30-$90). Aspire has this one that is a set with a drumset mount. Pearl has a great Horacio Hernandez bell too.

Tambourine - If you are adding to a drum set, be sure it has a clamp. There are two types, tambourines that are meant mostly for light sound when closing the hi-hat, and larger ones meant to be hit.  Again, a mount is a good idea if it does not suit being clamped to a hi-hat rod.

Egg Shakers - ($2 - $5) Everyone needs a shaker every now and then. The LP egg shakers seem to be the best.

Stick Bag - Everyone needs one or two.  Good quality is best, as nobody needs

sticks falling out of the bag.  ($25 - 100)

Cymbal Bag - A necessity for the gigging drummer.

Moon Gels - ($7-$12) These are dampeners for toms, snare drum, cowbell and cymbals. Versatile and useful little blue sticky gels.

Hand Towels - ($3-6). Yes, small individual towels are useful for wiping sweat off your hands and face.

Stick holder - $20-$25 - this mounts to the hi hat stand for easy access by left or right hand. Vater has one.

Sticks - but only if you know the EXACT brand and model your drummer likes.

Drum Cases - Soft Cases are great, easy to carry. Hard cases come in a variety of materials from an inexpensive Nomad case of fiberboard (about $200 for a set) to the Gator molded cases which are about $600+.  Make sure you know the DIAMETER (measure inside to inside) and the DEPTH of the drums before you invest in cases. Hard cases are sturdier, but depending on the size of your drummer, can be more difficult to carry.



For beginner/intermediate drummers of any style:

Stick Control - George Stone - build dexterity, speed, all around snare chops. Great for warm ups.

Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials 1.0 - Make sure you get the CD, and the DVD is good too if you get the set. You may want to buy the complete Groove Essentials 1.0 and 2.0 (more advanced) set for more play alongs

Linear Patterns by Mike Johnston - I Love this book. Great for developing dexterity and fill ideas.

Realistic Rock - Carmine Appice - Great beginning/intermediate rock grooves and introduction to ghosting.

Play along books or drum transcription books by an artist they like.

Intermediate/Advanced Drum Set:

Future Sounds - David Garibaldi - This dexterous exercize book emphasizes groove, accuracy, and 16th note feel like no other.

Peter Erskine has a series of books- Drumset Essentials

For the Mallet Player:

Morris Goldenberg's Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone

George Hamilton Green - Instruction Course for Xylophone - this looks like FUN!!

Jazz Standards for Vibraphone - by Tim McMahon

Any Jamie Aebersold series in C for Vibraphone/Xylophone/marimba play along


Still stuck? Pre-Pay for lessons!! This is a great gift for a drummer of any level.Give a gift certificate to a music store, or credit on ebay. Gift certificates let them pick what they want and need.  Long and McQuade, St. John's music and MCC all have a selection of items in stock.