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Books For Drum Set

Books for Drum Set

There are literally hundreds of method and play along books out there for students. Here are my current top picks.


George Stone, Stick Control

All levels

This book is an essential for any beginner, intermediate or advanced drummer with drills to enhance coordination, speed and dexterity.  It's fantastic to use as a warm up book, to better flam and roll rudiments, and to gain better control all around. 

Carmine Appice, Realistic Rock


This is a very good rock book that goes through beginning grooves at the start of the book, moving forward to increasingly difficult and more technical grooves. My favourite part of this book is the exercizes at the end of each section which challenge the student to read, and play all of the previous grooves in different orders like a mini solo.

Tommy Igoe, Groove Essentials 1.0 and 2.0


Tommy is a great teacher, and his play along collections (Groove Essentials 1.0 and 2.0) are fantastic learning tools. Each play along groove page has a beginner, intermediate and advanced groove for the track, giving some variations to the original. The CD play along tracks push students to continue playing no matter what, and to help them to learn how to read charts.

Mike Johnston, Linear Patterns


This book, available at my studio or through is a fantastic collection of linear patterns which logically arranged and helps students to add depth as well as speed to their playing. This book helps with creating fill ideas as well as building dexterity and increasing groove placement accuracy.

Joel Rothman, Basic Drumming

This book has a range of snare drum, rudimental and reading exercizes as well al basic drum set grooves.  It's like an "all in one" manual.

David Garibaldi, Future Sounds

This book teaches intermediate and advanced students about groove placement and two sound levels for hi hat. It's progressive permutation studies really up the ante with accuracy, and give original ideas about how to create your own grooves and fills through using a permutation series.

Peter Erskine, Learn to Drum: Latin Drumming


This book is great for learning a variety of grooves for drum set with authentic feels, rather than a single generic groove pattern.