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A forging of two or more elements to create music for thought.

Chris Yaholkoski  (vocals/guitar/harmonica) has a haunting voice, plays harmonica, and has guitar stylings that are

reminiscent of greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. Talented bass wielding brother Jason Yaholkoski writes imaginative bass lines with an impressive melange of blues, funk and rock that creates a unique feel for bluessmyth. Add in drummer Celene Yohemas, and you have a chemistry on stage bound for international success.

bluessmyth embarked on a national tour in 2009, and exciting projects including school outreach programs were born! The stories told by the music of bluessmyth include historical events such as hurricane Katrina, the murder of Emmett Till, and the realities of drug abuse. With so many possibilities to reach out to teens, our future, school concerts were a natural step for this band.  Contact Celene for more information on the "Standing at the Crossroads" program, or to book clinics with bluessmyth.

2014 is the "Year of the bluessmyth". A new album is in the works. Stay tuned for details!

Eighth Wonder Belly Dancing Studio

Eighth Wonder Studio is a playground for women of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds who want to challenge themselves to learn the art of Middle-Eastern Dance, in a warm, positive atmosphere.  Celene comes to drum with Eighth wonder from time to time.

Belly Dance Calgary